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How To Avoid Buying Stocks That Are About To Go Down

In this stock trading tutorial video, you’ll see how the market TELLS you loud and clear when you should avoid buying a stock like the plague because it’s probably going to cost you money.

In this case study, a big Australian and US listed resource company stock has been telegraphing it’s intentions for several months now, and it’s cost investors who ignored the signs a fortune as it fell relentlessly lower.

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By following the simple technique outlined in this stock trading tutorial, you’ll be able to stay on the right side of the market, or get short in stocks that are crying out to you to be sold short.

Buying stocks that are going to lose you money simply makes no sense, and once you understand the signals stocks often give you when they are preparing to fall in value, you’ll have a much better chance of being on the right side of the market consistently.

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