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Commonwealth Bank Trading Tutorial

In this series of videos, you’ll learn how to trade Commonwealth Bank of Australia shares (CBA) in a simple way that works consistently. I’ll show you actual trades taken, the analysis behind them, and the results achieved from this very tradable Australian stock.

For the best viewing experience, you should watch these videos in full screen and HD. OK, let’s get started…

Video 1 – Using Simple Technical Analysis To Forecast The Trend In Commonwealth Bank

In this video you’ll see how you can often find the end of a fast moving trend by simply measuring the length of the trend before it.

While forecasting like this doesn’t always work, it gives you a gauge for how strong the current trend is.

For example, if the market travels 100% of the previous trend, you can say it’s neutral. If the market starts to struggle at around 50% of the previous trend, it’s exhibiting signs of weakness, and if it goes more than 100% of the previous trend, the market is showing signs of real strength.

Video 2 – How To Profit From A Commonwealth Bank Trading Counter Trend Using A 50% Retracement

In this video you’ll see how you can forecast and trade out of a significant retracement and get set in a position back with the main trend as soon as it starts to reassert itself.

Of course there’s no guarantee that a counter trend will stop at 50% or .618, but if the trend is going to continue, there’s a very high probability that one of these support (or resistance) areas is where the man trend will resume.

Video 3 – Another Tradable Equal Range In Commonwealth Bank And A Perfect Measured Retracement

In this video, you’ll see another very tradable equal range rally and a perfect Measured Retracement that signalled the beginning if yet another uptrend.

Video 4 – How The Ranges Continue To Repeat In Commonwealth Bank

This is the forth video in this Case Study series featuring Commonwealth Bank, you’ll see another awesome example of why you need to be watching for ranges to repeat, and what you can do when you understand the signals the market is giving you.

Video 5 – Is Commonwealth Bank Going Into A Major Correction?

In this 5th followup video in our series on equal ranges and measured retracements in the Australian stock CBA, you’ll discover the secret to knowing when the character of a market or stock is changing, so you can pre-empt what’s going to happen next.

Video 6 – Trading out of the CBA major low starting March 1 2016

In the previous video, I asked the question: “Is Commonwealth Bank going into a correction?”

As it turned out, CBA did have a major correction, which took it back down to the lows it had reached in February. This is why it’s so important to watch for changes in market behaviour – it can save you from facing some sleepless nights, that’s for sure.

Here’s an example of how we traded out of the major low that occurred in Commonwealth Bank after that correction, starting March 1 2016. We were able to stay completely out of the market right through the pullback, and enter long right at the low. Here’s how…

Video 7 – Commonwealth Bank CBA Buy Trade 28th June 2016

In this video, you’ll see another  long trade out of a significant low based on Commonwealth Bank’s time cycles and the telltale signs the price action was giving us.

Video 8 – Commonwealth Bank Trade Followup June 30 2016

In this video, you’ll see the followup from buying Commonwealth Bank 2 days ago and how we took a good profit based on the market telling us it was likely to change trend again.

Video 9 – Commonwealth Bank Trade Followup July 4th 2016

After selling our long position in Commonwealth Bank last Thursday, the stock fell heavily for 2 days and looks like it is trying to make a higher low at between 50% and .618 retracement. Based on this, we’re long again and this video shows you all the details.

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